New WEbseries

The next big Tin Can Brothers project, The Wayward Guide for the Untrained Eye (a webseries with a companion podcast), is now in pre-production after raising funds on Kickstarter!

It follows Artemis, a tenacious podcast host, who has grown tired of the fluff pieces she’s been assigned by APN, the American Podcasting Network. When she finds herself in the small mining town of Connor Creek with Paul (her producer and twin brother), the corporate corruption story they’re investigating is sure to be a bust. To the twins’ surprise, the oddballs and eccentrics of this small town are harboring a secret even darker and furrier than any political scandal: werewolves. With the future of Connor Creek at stake, the Schue-Horyn twins need to decide who to trust in order to unearth the truth and stay alive.

If you missed out on the Kickstarter, it's not too late to join the pack and become a backer!

Youtube Premiere!

The newest Tin Can Brothers play, The Solve It Squad Returns rolls out weekly on YouTube! You can also watch in full on DVD/Digital Download with a bonus behind the scenes featurette.

“delightfully dark... an impressively hilarious show that manages to evoke nostalgia while still feeling very fresh and exciting.”
— On Stage and Screen


Stage Shows

A Musical Short Film

Graham and Spencer have been given a once in a lifetime opportunity: the chance to stop a garbage movie adaptation of their favorite comic. They'll navigate the underbelly of a studio system full of high-powered executives and secret organizations, but at what point do their acts of bravery become acts of villainy? These two fanboys are about to find out how far they'll go to preserve the sanctity of the comic book lore they love in this musical comedy.

After raising $20,671 on Kickstarter, Flop Stoppers screened at Buffer Fest 2016 in Toronto, and Newport Beach Film Festival in 2017.

Flop Stoppers is now available on YouTube, and you can get the soundtrack on iTunes! And you can get the lyrics to the music here


Choose our destiny:
Improv Adventure

The Tin Can Brothers created and starred in an interactive online improv show, Choose Our Destiny: Improv Adventure for Project Alpha (a joint project of Geek & Sundry and Nerdist). Every month featured a new theme (like rom-com, film noir, or teen slasher). Audience members watching live could change the course of the story by casting their vote in realtime. As the suggestions piled up and things got more frantic, the cast had no choice but to accept their destiny. All 27 episodes are now available to watch on demand!


Youtube Series






In Can To Can, the brothers 'can'-didly discuss the process of producing their projects including the new musical 'Spies Are Forever' and the short film 'Flop Stoppers.' Join Brian, Corey, and Joey as they take on their ambitious creative projects!


The men behind the mustaches

The Tin Can Brothers: Corey Lubowich, Joey Richter, & Brian Rosenthal

The Tin Can Brothers: Corey Lubowich, Joey Richter, & Brian Rosenthal

The Tin Can Brothers is a comedy group based in Los Angeles. Residents of the same building, Corey Lubowich, Brian Rosenthal and Joey Richter soon realized that they could easily communicate between apartments with a tin can phone. And thus, the brothers were born. Since then, the boys have posted over 100 videos to YouTube, created four live shows, and raised over $85,000 on Kickstarter for their projects. In 2014,  their first live sketch show, Alive! On Stage!, sold out at Chicago’s Stage 773. They followed it with a three night run at Hollywood's ACME Comedy Theatre with Seriously. Not A Joke. They then collaborated with the band TalkFine to create the new musical Spies Are Forever, that had an acclaimed run in North Hollywood in 2016. They collaborated again with TalkFine on the musical short film, Flop Stoppers, which was selected to screen at Buffer Festival in Toronto and the Newport Beach Film Festival. Their newest live show, The Solve It Squad Returns, runs June 15-25, 2017 in North Hollywood.

“...their own unique brand of whimsy and tongue-in-cheek commentary.”
— Elite Daily

Corey Lubowich

Corey's previous work includes directing Airport for Birds (and Other Great Ideas) at Chicago’s Second City, a national concert tour with Glee’s Darren Criss, designs for seven shows with StarKid Productions (including A Very Potter Sequel and Holy Musical, B@man!), and producing acclaimed productions of The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, Reefer Madness, and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. Corey also co-created the musical webseries World’s Worst Musical.

Joey Richter

Joey is a proud graduate of the University of Michigan (BFA in Acting, Minor in Film Studies). Improv training at UCB and iO. TV: Genie in a Bikini, Henry Danger, Jessie, Glee, Legend of Korra. Online: School of Thrones , Muzzled, I Ship It (Sundance Film Festival). StarKid Productions (original member): Very Potter Musical Trilogy, S.P.A.C.E & Apocalyptour Concert Tours, Starship, Trail to Oregon! (Cherry Lane, NYC). Stage: The Last Days of Judas Iscariot (Stage 773, Chicago).


Brian has appeared regionally with the Peterborough Players and Michigan Shakespeare Festival, nationally in commercials, and internationally in (the background of) feature films. He co-produced and performed in The Last Days of Judas Iscariot at Chicago’s Stage 773 in 2013. Brian also works often with  StarKid Productions (Very Potter Musical Trilogy, Apocalyptour) and performs regularly in LA with his improv troupe MERLIN. He has a BFA in Acting from the University of Michigan and loves talking about himself in the third-person.

...consistent and funny...
— The Daily Dot

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Can I license/perform Spies Are Forever or The Solve It Squad Returns with my school/company/friends?
We love the enthusiasm! Unfortunately, we're not licensing either show (in whole or in part) right now. But we hope to in the future! So stay tuned.

Do you have sheet music available for Spies Are Forever?
At this time, sheet music does not exist for Spies Are Forever. Our composers are mad geniuses who played the show from memory and rough chord charts. We'll definitely publicize it if we ever release sheet music though!

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Yes yes yes! Our friends at Ann Arbor Tees ship anywhere in the world! (Though pricing can often suck if you're very far away... sorry 🙁)

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Thanks for offering! You're the best. If we ever need help on a specific project we're working on, we'll post about it on our Facebook or Twitter. Other than that, we don't currently have any openings for general or ongoing help.

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That's awesome! We don't, however, take outside pitches. But it sounds like something you should do yourself!